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Antica Pizzeria Fratelli RICCI EST! EST!! EAST!!! is located in the heart of Rome and always offers its customers the authentic tastes of local products and traditional recipes. Always a warm and cordial welcome in this family-run restaurant!

Among our specialties you'll find appetizers, calzone, pizzas in Roman and Neapolitan style, bruschetta, fried vegetables, cakes, biscuits, homemade desserts, beers, snacks and more... Come and enjoy our wide selection of special dishes!


Our Pizza

Tasty pizzas with classic or special toppings; pizzas in Roman and Neapolitan style, calzone, focaccia... and much more!


Our Fried Dishes

Delicious fried snacks to enjoy before the pizza or in its own right: mixed fried platters, zucchini flowers, cod fillets, stuffed olives, fried mozzarella and much more!


Our Beers

Great beers, white and red wines to accompany pizza, pasta, fried dishes and deserts


The Legend

The Legend of "Est Est Est"

halfway between history and fantasy

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