Antica Pizzeria Fratelli RICCI EST! EST!! EST!!! opened in 1888, under the name "Bottiglieria EST! EST!! EST!!!" ("Bottiglieria" is a typical Italian wine-shop and bar), founded by Ambrose RICCI, to sell the wine from his estate in Tuscia. The first address was Via Genova 32. Later, in early 1900s, the advent of electricity, the wine-shop also began to bake Naples-style pizzas, which soon became a great success. In 1920, the premises were renovate, the walls were covered in chestnut and a large ice chest was added to the furnishing - you can still see it today, in the first room of the restaurant. Back then, the ice chest was used to preserve wine using blocks of ice delivered to various shops and restaurants of Rome by horse-drawn carriages. The re-decoration was performed by the "veteran Roman carvers and cabinetmakers of Via Tripoli".


The opening party was truly grand and was attended, among others, by the inventor of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi. Still in the 20s, during one of his visits to Palazzo delle Esposizioni exhibition hall, Signor RICCI acquired a bronze sculpture by the famous sculptor Attilio Selva (1888-1970), which still occupies a proud place at the restaurant entrance. Another bronze sculpture, depicting Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is an almost identical copy of Giambologna's Mercury exhibited in Bargello National Museum in Florence. The restaurant still uses the same epoch tables and chairs created by the esteemed Roman carvers and cabinet makers who renovated the premises in early 20th century. Unfortunately, the mosaic floors and stucco have not reached the present day.


Today, Pizzeria EST! EST!! EST!!! continues to make pizzas in the old-times style, in round pans in the electric oven, cutting mozzarella by hand and topping it with the best ingredients.

Antica Pizzeria Fratelli RICCI EST! EST!! EST!!! is the oldest pizzeria in Rome, recognized as a "historical business" by the local government. A dinner at EST! EST!! EST!!! in Via Genova 32, still run by the Ricci family, is a trip back 100 years into the past, to enjoy the charming atmosphere and the flavours of the good-old days!

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