Spaghetti or mezzirigatoni Amatriciana, spaghetti or mezzirigatoni Carbonara, spaghetti or mezzirigatoni Sorrento, penne Arrabiata, tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper), tonnarelli Gricia, tonnarelli with artichokes and sausage... these and many other specialities of the glorious Mediterranean cuisine!

assorted appetizers

Assorted Appetizers

Crouton cardinal ingredients: mozzarella, prosciutto ham, mushrooms

Crouton Cardinal

ingredients: mozzarella, prosciutto ham, mushrooms

penne all'arrabbiata

Penne pasta with spicy Arrabbiata sauce

Tonnarelli with artichoke and sausage

Ingredients: tonnarelli pasta, artichoke cream, sausage

scamorza with mushrooms

Scamorza and porcini mushrooms

ingredients: smoked cheese Scamorza and porcini mushrooms


Stuffed calzone

ingredients: mozzarella, egg and prosciutto ham

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